Rita Dahl (Finland)

Rita Dahl is a versatile cultural figure – a writer and translator; a music, theatre, and literary critic and a freelance journalist. She has among other things been the chief editor of a poetry journal Tuli & Savu and the vice president of the Finnish PEN club. She is politically active and handles various social themes boldly in her articles. Dahl has published 20 books  – poetry, prose, essays and popular science literature. She has edited four books and translated more than 300 poems into Finnsih. Dahl’s work has been translated into many languages. She  has graduated from the university both in politology and literature; in her Master’s thesis in literature: she analysed the work of Fernando Pessoa concentrating also on translating poetry from Portugese. Dahl is also an instructor of media and communication; she teaches creative writing and Finnsih.

Rita Dahl’s poetry is experimental, she uses many intertextual techniques. At the same time, she can be sincere and outspoken, even offensive. Due to that her poetry is understandable to every reader who takes present-day problems into the heart. This year, Dahl’s poetry collection “Aja süda” was published in Estonia (EKSA,2020), translated by Elo Viiding and containing a selection of Dahl’s poetry from a number of collections.  For Rita Dahl, music has been as important as literature since childhood. She is a soprano, studied singing at the Vantaa Music School and at 12 master’s courses, among others under the tuition of Päivi Nisula, Konrad Jarnot, Sara Mingardo and Hartmut Höll. Dahl has performed in the opera choir of the Sibelius Academy and the ‘Tosca’ choir of the Tampere Opera festival; she performs regularly at concerts both at home and abroad. She acted in the role of Marcellina in ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ at the Weimar Opera Studio  in 2015 and also performs annually at the Ooppera Fantasia  concerts. In collaboration with Anu Kosonen, a pianist, Dahl’s first record of Italian arias will soon be released.

The Prima Vista public will have an opportunity to listen to Rita Dahl’s singing and thoughts at the concert/conversation on Saturday, the 26th of September at 5 p.m. in the White Hall of the Tartu University Museum. Conversation will be led by Hasso Krull.

The event is supported by the Finnish Institute.

Foto: Jaani Föhr/KutturiKauppila