INSOMNIACATHON II and Prima Vista 20

May 13 at 10:00 am – May 14 at 10:00 am
at Tartu Literary House

Insomniacathon is back! Many may remember how in 2019, under the leadership of the Tartu City of Literature writer-in-residence of the time, the American Beat poet Ron Whitehead, something completely unprecedented happened at Prima Vista — a 24-hour nonstop cultural program called Insomniacathon took place at Tartu Literature House on the last day of the festival. Whitehead himself developed the format and concept of this event, and to the delight of the festival team, he returns to Tartu this year to bring Insomniacathon II to the audience in collaboration with the festival, and to present their jointly written book “Nights at the Museum” / “Ööd muuseumis” with Jinn Bug, inspired by Ron’s Tartu residency and translated into Estonian by Doris Kareva. In addition to Ron, old friends of the festival from Estonia and elsewhere, as well as new performers, can be seen on this day. Not entirely coincidentally, we also celebrate Prima Vista’s 20th anniversary on this day.

10.00 Opening of Insomniacathon at the stairs of Tartu Literature House
11.00–13.00 Book auction in the hall Kivisilla Cultural Center organizes the “301 Books Auction”. The auction catalogue can be found at, and the auctioned items can also be viewed onsite for one hour before the auction. If someone cannot come to the event, they can also submit their bids via email ( until May 12, 2023.
12.00 Midday talks with festival patron Mehis Heinsaar in the summer garden
13.15 “Subculture Dandy: Fashion, Literature, Art, and the Art of Living” — an exclusive lecture by Magister Artium Kaspar Jassa in the hall
14.00 Performance of “Daphnis and Chloe” by the Department of Classical Philology in the attic
Who or what is “Daphnis and Chloe”? In short, it is a love story from ancient times. Simply put, it is a story of love between a boy and a girl. However, to be more precise, “Daphnis and Chloe” is a work consisting of four books, written by Longus. The play has been staged by the Department of Classical Philology at the University of Tartu, with the screenplay and direction by Richard Rees, and course instructor Kadri Novikov.
15.30 Prima Vista Birthday Cake in Salong or Courtyard

Program at the Tartu Literary House Culture Club Salong:
17.10 Akadeemia Magazine presents: Penny Boxall’s work in Estonian

17.30 Penny Boxall (UK)
18.00 Andy Willoughby and Anton Flint (UK): Between Stations
18.40 Ron Whitehead (USA) and Aapo Ilves
19.10 David Hartley (UK)
19.40 The magazine Akadeemia presents: Hans Platzgumer’s work in Estonian translation
20.00 Concert “Writers in Music”:
Hans Platzgumer & Convertible (acoustic ensemble)
Hans Platzgumer – vocals, guitar, keyboards
Chris Laine – bass, vocals
Michael Schneider – percussion

Poems translated by Piret Pääsuke and performed by Maarja Jakobson.

Since 2004, American lyricist Hannah Mac Kenna and Austrian musician Hans Platzgumer have collaborated under the name Convertible to create dozens of songs, 21 of which were included in the bilingual poetry collection “Convertible Song Book” (Vienna, 2022). The English original texts were translated into German by Hans Platzgumer himself. In Tartu, about ten songs from the collection will be performed.

Alla Puugovitsa:
Jan Kaus – vocals, guitar
Toomas Täht – ukulele, bass guitar, comb, body
Eva Koldits – piano, melodica
Indrek Koff – trumpet, bass guitar, ukulele, harmonica

Alla Puugovitsa is a band of two writers and two actors that overflows with creativity. The ensemble was formed during the development of the play “Style Exercises”. For Prima Vista, a specially curated program will mainly feature Alla Puugovitsa’s work, along with some of the play’s beautiful and powerful numbers.
The concert will be hosted by Toomas Leppik.

22.00 Marius Povilas Elijas Martynenko (Lithuania)
22.30 Cloud Circuit (Canada)
23.00 Open Mic
00.00 DJs and night program
01.30 Open Mic
02.30 Creative writing workshop with ChatGPT
03.30 Fairy tale hour
04.49 Sunrise humming with Silver Sepp
5.30 Tartu City of Literature literary videos program
6.00 Depressive cover songs by Kerstin Vestel

7.00 Open Mic
8.30 Andres Roots
9:00 Fanfare sounds and a wake-up call from Kaisa Ling in the summer garden
9:30 The closing of Insomniacathon II and Prima Vista 2023 in the summer garden