The Futurological Congress: Stanisław Lem 100

Saturday, September 25th

The Futurological Congress: Stanisław Lem 100

On Saturday, 25th of September 2021 Tartu Literature House becomes a magnificent luxury hotel (or maybe rather a decadent small town hotel), the employees of which lead by the concierge Paavo Matsin, the porter Jaak Tomberg, the chef Maret Tamm and the literature club Ellips of the University of Tartu are ready to receive visitors even from the farthest nook of the Universe. A flamboyant and kaleidoscopic variety of events is going to take place speaking of LITERATURE and the FUTURE and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the world famous Polish science fiction author Stanislaw Lem.


10.00–11.00 Check-in and breakfast. Utopian Salon dedicated to literature and the future led by the porter Siim Lill. 

11.00–11.30 Opening game with halva, marzipan and the devil. 

11.30–13.00 Symposium Return From the Stars. The works of Stanisław Lem are discussed by Jüri Kallas and Joel Jans (Estonian Science Fiction Society) and Paweł Frelik (Warsaw University).

13.30–15.00 Attic cinema: documentary „Autor Solaris“ (directed by Borys Lankosz)

13.30–15.00 Book launch: the Estonian translation of Fables for Robots by Stanislaw Lem
Discussion: Andrus Laansalu, Rauno Allikaar, Siim Lill. 

15.00–16.00 Dinner

16.00–21.00 The Futurological Congress: texts about the future are performed by Sveta Grigorjeva, Kristjan Haljak, Maarja Kangro, Hasso Krull, Mairi Laurik, Triinu Meres, Mihkel Mutt, Natalja Nekramatnaja, Carolina Pihelgas, Urmas Vadi, Elo Viiding, and Tõnis Vilu.

21.00–03.00 Futurological disco:. LIVE: Andres Lõo. LIVE: Random Light Orchestra, DJs: Kaspar Jassa, Neeme Lopp, Berk Vaher.

Futurological Congress is a warm-up event for Prima Vista 2024 – Futures Better and Worse taking place as part of the Tartu European Capital of Culture 2024 program.