Aapo Ilves (Estonia)

Aapo Ilves can be described as a poet, lyricist, librettist, playwright, and translator. Still, he summarises all his recent activities with the word “songwriter,” as this word should encompass poetry, writing, and music-making.

From the pen of Aapo Ilvesr who writes in Estonian, Võro, and Seto, there have been published poetry collections, prose compilations, and numerous plays, in addition to illustrating over half a dozen works and publishing reviews and articles in the press. Aapo Ilves is an appreciated lyricist who has written lyrics for pop artists and librettos for operas and musicals, and he has also translated a fair amount of song lyrics. The musical and songwriting work of Aapo Ilves has been recorded on albums “Aga ükskord” (“But Once” 2013) and „Kirivane” (“Colourful” 2016).

Aapo has been among the performers at Prima Vista almost every year, and for many years, he has been a staunch supporter of the tradition of the writers’ concert at the festival. Over the years, Aapo has compiled albums “Laulvad kirjanikud” (“Singing Writers” 2007) and “Lutsuvad kivid. Kirjanikud muusikas” (“Lively Stones. Writers in Music” 2013) from the songs performed at the writers’ concert.

Aapo Ilves is one of the relatively few Estonian writers who has not settled in Tallinn or Tartu – he writes and creates music in Räpina instead.

Photo: Aapo Ilves
Photo: Mats Õun

Concert “Writers in Music”