Prima Vista Book Fair

Banner: Prima Vista raamatulaat

Tuesday, May 7th from 11:00 to 19:00

At Town Hall Square

Participating publishers:

  • Ilmamaa
  • Estonian Literary Museum
  • Otto Wilhelm OÜ
  • Tallinn University Press
  • Emakeele Sihtasutus
  • Atlex Publishing
  • Mina Ise OÜ
  • Keropää Publishing
  • Eesti Raamat
  • AVITA Publishing
  • Fantasia Publishing OÜ
  • Heiki Vilep
  • Toledo Publishing
  • Petrone Print OÜ
  • Rühmitus KJS
  • Hunt Publishing
  • SE&JS Publishing
  • Koolibri
  • Argo Publishing
  • Zeus Publishing Society
  • Johannes Esto Publishing
  • Estonian National Museum
  • Studium OÜ
  • University of Tartu Press
  • Canopus Publishing
  • Fahrenheit 451º Book Room
  • Vabamõtleja OÜ
  • Estonian Ornithological Society
  • Legend
  • Raudhammas
  • Helios Publishing OÜ
  • Hedda Peet
  • University of Tartu Library e-Bookstore
  • Tartu Public Library
  • Mart Kivastik

Program on the book fair stage or in front of it atTown Hall Square

11:00 The day begins with a greeting concert by Karlova Kindergarten children

11:15 Art workshop with a writer: Epp Petrone will meet kindergarten and 1st-grade students to introduce her new book “Where do Fairy Tales Come From?”

12:30 Art workshop with a writer: Anti Saar will meet 2nd to 4th-grade students

14:15 Performance by Just Dance School children

14:30 Presentation of Ene Sepp’s book “Eestluse valem” (Estonian Identity Formula) by Eesti Raamat

15:00 Polish Flag Day: a carillon with a polonaise, speeches by Deputy Mayor Raimond Tamme and the Chargè d’affaires a.i. of the Republic of Poland Anna Pełka, followed by a procession to the university main building. Laying of flowers at the King Batory memorial plaque.

15:20 Presentation by Mina Ise Publishing

15:40 Presentation of Olga Tokarczuk and Joanna Concejo’s book “The Lost Soul”. See also:

16:00 Dance performance “Presents and Futures” featuring Fakesnake, Vigased pruudid, and the Sansaara Dance and Yoga Studio.

16:30 Presentation by Hunt Publishing

16:45 Presentation by Ilmamaa Publishing

17:00 Presentation by the Estonian Ornithological Society

17:15 Presentation by Vabamõtleja OÜ

17:00 Street theatre performance “Echoes” by Migro (Poland) in front of the fountain at Raekoja Square. Watch the trailer. See also:

18:00 Group dance “Wuthering Heights” in front of the stage

Everyone who loves to dance is welcome to join or cheer along!