Adelaide Ivánova (Brazil)

Photo: Pedro Pinho

Adelaide Ivánova is a Brazilian poet, photographer and activist. She has published ten collections of poetry, most recently „chifre“ (the horn) in 2021. Her book „o martelo“ (the hammer) was awarded Rio literary award in 2018 and the book has been translated into English, German, Spanish and Greek. Ivánova is also a documental photographer and her poems are intertwined with political issues.

Her thoughts about the game limits are as follows:

‘In an ideal society, the limits to any game would be respecting nature and life on Earth, which would mean respecting human and non-human animals, respecting art as a livelihood, respecting native peoples and their knowledge production etc. But we don’t live in an ideal society yet, so the limits of the game are definitely those imposed by asset managers, landlords, billionaires, armies etc.‘

Adelaide Ivánova performs at the event Poetry Party With The Lyrical Self in the rooms and the courtyard of the culture club Salong on Saturday, May 14th at 7 p.m.