Andreas Kübar (Estonia)

Andreas Kübar graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts design department and lives, works, and occasionally rests, in Tallinn. Lately, he has been quite involved in writing, and he is pleased to note that with each passing season, more writing opportunities are coming his way. Generally, he regards writing as an opportunity rather than an obligation, as nobody is compelled to write. When writing becomes an obligation, it immediately reflects in the outcome. The best texts for him are always those whose beginnings arise in extremely anti-creative or anti-work environments. Somewhere in a queue at the checkout, on a plane, on a tram, or in any other noisy atmosphere where thoughts arise that a person thinks when they cannot think. Daily, he works as a designer at the clothing brand Ellen Richard and plays drums in the world’s most post-post-rock-folk-punk-indie-metal-___- ensemble ants1. He also dabbles in the field of performing arts, but cannot pinpoint their common denominator.

Foto: Andreas Kübar
Andreas Kübar

Presentation of the special issue of Värske Rõhk “How to Write Kindness” – community day with readings and soup kitchen