Avemaria (Estonia)

The fourth point of the Avemaria charter is that all band members must get along – and hopefully, this will also affect the listeners (at least those standing in the front row). The music they perform is a blend of heartfelt indie and the worst day in the world. Relevant keywords: radio, roadside ditches, toolshed, stained glass windows, wool socks, undergrowth, love, and battery acid.

Riste Sofie Käär – vocals, guitar
Kalli Talonpoika – drums
Alexander Kaseste – bass
Jarko Skolin – guitar

The band can be heard on May 10th at 20:00 at the concert “Writers in Music” at the Tartu Literature House Culture Club Salong.

Photo: Avemaria
Photo: Markus Pruudel

Concert “Writers in Music”