Christiana Spens (Great Britain)

Photo: Sophie Davidson

Christiana Spens is a writer, artist and academic. She is the author of Shooting Hipsters (2016) and The Portrayal and Punishment of Terrorists in Western Media (2019), and regularly contributes to The Irish Times, The London Magazine, Aeon, Studio International, Art Quarterly and Prospect on culture and politics. Her artwork has been featured in The London Magazine, NYRB, Dazed & Confused, Vice, Five Dials, 3:AM Press, as well as The Repeater Book of the Occult (2021). She read Philosophy at the University of Cambridge and earned her PhD in International Relations at the University of St Andrews. She lives in London.

Thursday, September 23rd

17.00 Launch of the anthology The Repeater Book of the Occult: Tales from the Darkside at the attic of Tartu Literature House