Clara Amaral (Portugal)

Photo: private collection

i’m not sure if it’s an impossible wish wish wish maybe i don’t like it when the word “wish” and “impossible” are together like close together i think i think some words shouldn’t be in proximity since it might disturb the order of things like what things what order oh just you know it might do a bad spell a spell of the baaaaaaaaaaaad d d d d  and prevent happenings and turn stuff stuffy stuff being turned sometimes i listen to classical music and i thrive i thrive so much so so much i don’t know it’s weird i know it’s weird specially because it’s all this dead white men right right and i wish it wouldn’t be just those dead white men that wrote the classical classical music that i so much so much thrive on so YA maybe that is something i wish you see right there it just came out of me i literally didn’t even noticed it it was just when i was rereading what i wrote cause i do that that i saw that i said i wrote i wish if you know what i mean i think you do i hope you do i do you do so that’s that that 

sometimes i also wish i could write different things you know things that would be open things closed things middle things high things the things i’ve been writing lately have to do with dance my grandma dance again alexander technique a girl having time’s back my great grandmother my mother hands with six fingers my mother i sometimes 

Clara Amaral is an artist working with text and performance. Her interdisciplinary artistic practice questions what it means to be a reader, to be a writer, aiming to expand existing modes of reading, writing and publishing. Central to her practice is the investigation of publishing modalities and the performative aspect of writing and language, through an intersectional feminist approach. 

Her works have been presented in The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Switzerland, France, etc.

Tuesday, May 9th 21.00 at the Embassy premises on the corner of Rüütli Street and Town Hall Square