Doris Kareva (Estonia)

Doris Kareva has published numerous volumes of poetry and a couple of prose works, translated poetry, essays, and plays, compiled several anthologies, and given lectures on culture, education, and ethics both at home and abroad. Currently, she works as the poetry editor for the literary magazine Looming.

Doris Kareva’s poetry has been translated into dozens of languages, and it has been set to music by several Estonian, English, Swedish, Dutch, Flemish, Italian, and other composers. Based on her work, theatrical and ballet productions have been created – such as “Mandragora” at the Tallinn City Theatre (2003), “Dream Café” at the Rakvere Theatre (2010), and “In the Presence of Gods. After the World” at the Estonian National Opera (2012).

In addition to literary awards, Doris Kareva has been awarded the Estonian State Cultural Prize in 1993 and 2005, as well as the Order of the White Star, IV Class, in 2001.

Photo: Doris Kareva
Photo: Kaido Vainomaa

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