Esbjörn Nyström (Sweden)

Photo: private collection

Esbjörn Nyström earned his PhD in German Literature from the University of Gothenburg in 2004. As of 2022, he is employed as a Research Advisor at Luleå University of Technology. He has previously been a lecturer and researcher in German at the universities in Gothenburg and Stockholm. At the University of Tartu, he taught Swedish philology in 2008–2011 and 2014–2017. Since 2017, Nyström has been engaged with the Prima Vista literary festival. His main research interests are editorial theory as well as dramas, opera librettos and screenplays from the 20th century in German, Dutch and Scandinavian languages.

Esbjörn Nyström will talk with the Swedish writer Agneta Pleijel on Thursday, the 12th of May at 4 p.m. in the hall of Tartu Public Library, the talk title is A Match with a Pen and a Brush. The talk focuses on Agneta Pleijel’s novel „Dubbelporträtt. En roman om Agatha Christie och oskar Kokoschka” (Varrak, 2021, translated into Estonian by Anu Saluäär). The talk is in Swedish, with synchronised translation into Estonian.