Lote Vilma (Latvia) 

Photo: Estere Betija Grāvere

Lote Vilma (born in 1993) is an illustrator and poet. She is also a comic artist, and her first graphic novel is due to be released this year. Lote has written and illustrated two books: a picture book with poems for children called “Dzejnieks un Smarža” [The Poet and the Scent] (2019) and a prose poetry book for young adults called “Ūdenstornis” [The Water Tower] (2021), both of which have received national awards for their illustrations or written text. Her debut poetry book, “Meitene” [A Girl], was published in 2021 and it has no illustrations. In addition to writing and drawing, Lote is now one of the hosts of a radio show about literature and can be seen once a month drawing for an improvised drawing-theatre show at a local bar.

About impossible dreams, Lote Vilma says the following: “I am not sure that it is a dream if it does not have at least a little hope of coming true. It seems to me that such a dream would feel like a dead one, besides – who can really say what is and what isn’t possible? Or maybe an impossible dream is such a dream that never has an ending, something you must strive for your whole life. Either way, I feel that a dream has to feel alive. I dream of knowing myself deeply and by that finding more peace in being here. I hope that creative work, both mine and others, is one way that could take me there.”

Tuesday, May 9th 19.30 at the Tartu Literature House cultural club Salong