Mikk Tšaškin (Estonia)

Mikk Tšaškin is a freelance writer. He was born in Tartu in 1998. As a child and teenager, he strongly wanted to become an architect. His interest in this field has persisted to this day, which is why his works have a very good sense of the surrounding space and environment. Tšaškin started writing at the age of 16 while attending school in Elva. Sometime later, life took him to Tartu, but now he is back in Elva. Mikk writes both short stories and poems. The recurring themes in his work are mental health and religion. His works are highly imaginative and rich in imagery. Mikk Tšaškin has published poetry and prose in the journals Värske Rõhk and Looming, as well as in the newspaper Müürileht. In the summer of 2023, his debut poetry collection “Paberist linn” (City of Paper) was published as the 33rd work in the Fresh Book series.

Foto: Mikk Tšaškin
Mikk Tšaškin

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