Penny Boxall (UK)

Penny Boxall won the 2016 Edwin Morgan Poetry Award with her debut, “Ship of the Line”. “Praise of Hands”, with woodblock artist Naoko Matsubara, was published by the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (2020). A new book, “The Curiosities”, is forthcoming in June 2024, featuring poems she wrote in Tartu. She has received UK fellowships at Gladstone’s Library, Hawthornden Castle and Cove Park, as well as in Poland and Switzerland. “Replaying the Tape”, with palaeontologist Frankie Dunn and composer-percussionist Jane Boxall, premiered in New York in 2023. She is writer-in-residence at Wytham Woods, University of Oxford, following a Visiting Research Fellowship in the Creative Arts at Merton College (2019). She has held Royal Literary Fund Fellowships at the Universities of York and Cambridge. Her debut children’s novel, written with support from Arts Council England, is forthcoming. She is working on a poetry project around hiking cabins for Bodø Capital of Culture 2024.

Photo: PennyBoxal
Photo: private collection

“Bring Your Own Utopia”: presentation of the installation „”Siin oli soo. Once was mire” by Penny Boxall (UNESCO City of Literature Norwich, UK), Maarja Pärtna and Liis Ring

Discussion “Literature in a More-Than-Human World” led by the Writer of the Day Maarja Pärtna