Sergio Garau (Italy)

Photo: Caligari Garcia

Sergio Garau has been performing his poetry in renown festivals and underground clubs across 30 countries in Europe, Africa, South and North America.

Italian slam team champion in 2003 and 2016, he won international slams (Bolzano 2004, Frankfurt 2010, Madrid 2014, 2015) international videopoetry and performing arts prizes (DOCtorCLIP 2005, CROSSaward 2018) and has been touring with his shows IO GAME OVER, CTRL ZETA and SPACE INVADERS since 2010. Sergio started and coordinated slam scenes in Sardinia, Italy and Europe, as president of L.I.P.S. (Lega Italiana Poetry Slam) and director of the European Slam Championship 2019. He’s been giving slam workshops in 6 languages, translating poetry, curating literary reviews and poetry collections, taking part in artist residencies and in his Turin based writers’ collective sparajurij since 2001.