Tõnis Tootsen (Estonia)

Tõnis Tootsen is a freelance writer who has primarily focused on translating as well as text, sound and video editing.

Living as a recluse in rural Southern Estonia, Tootsen’s writings often evoke dystopian landscapes and revolve around dreams and altered states of consciousness while addressing conflicts between nature and civilization, personal freedom and societal norms.

His handwritten and lushly illustrated debut novel, “The First Day”, paints a haunting picture of a future Estonia and was awarded a literary prize by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia in 2016.

His second novel, “Pâté of the Apes”, published in 2022, is a satirical sci-fi memoir with autobiographical undercurrents, purporting to be the world’s first book written by an ape. Ergo the chimp’s childlike perspective on human life reveals its absurdity with crystal clear clarity. The novel was one of five special mentions at the European Union Prize for Literature and was shortlisted for the best prose book of the year award by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia.

Tootsen has also published short stories and poems.

Photo: Tõnis Tootsen
Photo author: Jaan Tootsen, Marco Verch

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