Triinu Meres (Estonia)

Triinu Meres: “The question ‘what am I’ made me think for quite a while. Others are probably not interested in my beautiful soul. I am not interested in my level of education or various minor literary awards. Height and weight are not the topics here, but I am not so well-known either to write ‘has published many different books in various genres.’ Besides, that’s not true. I have published one poetry collection and almost everything else published on paper is speculative. Generally, I am known as a speculative fiction writer, although honestly – I haven’t written any speculative fiction novels, as far as I know. I write books. The genre is determined by those who want to sell the book to a genre-interested reader. In addition, I write an online diary. A blog, if you use a loanword. There I talk about my ADHD, autism, physical peculiarities, family life, demisexuality, and all those things that a decent person probably wouldn’t talk about in their self-introduction.

I am not a decent person. At least that’s clear.”

Photo: Triinu Meres
Photo: Kalev Lilleorg

Joint presentation-discussion of Epp Petrone’s dystopian fairy tale „Linnutee koodid“ (“Codes of the Milky Way”) and Triinu Meres and Kristo Janson’s post-apocalyptic novel “Devolutsioon” (“Devolution”)