Historical-literary tour “Traces of Poland in Tartu”

Tuesday, 7th May
Meeting at Toomemägi by the ruins of the cathedral

On this journey, we’ll seek signs of Poland’s relations with the city and people of Tartu over several centuries. The walk will pass through the city centre to the botanic garden (1.7 km) from Toomemägi. The tour will be led by Ülo Treikelder from Tartu Public Library and Ants Siim from Tartu City Museum. The walk is dedicated to the 440th anniversary of King Stefan Batory granting privileges to Tartu, including the assignment of the Polish flag. From 1582 to 1625, Tartu was the capital of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth’s Tartu (Dorpat) Voivodeship, to which King Stefan Batory granted special privileges in 1583 and the colours of the Tartu flag in 1584. The event is supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland.