Anna Belkovska (Latvia)

Photo: private collection

Anna Belkovska (born in 1992) is a poet and playwright. Her first poetry collection, “Veranda,” received the Latvian Literary Award for the best debut in 2022. Currently, Anna is working on her next books; one of them will be a story about teenagers in Latvian rural towns in the beginning of the 2000s. Additionally, she is working on a theatre performance, which will premiere during this festival, about her father and their life with his addiction. In this case, Anna will also debut as a performer.

When asked about her impossible dream, she said: “As a person and a writer, my impossible dream is to have more time. Juggling work in two different fields, poetry and theatre, while also taking care of friends and family, travelling, battling depression and anxiety, and pursuing other interests leaves me lacking sufficient time. I have to accept that there will never be enough time to do everything I want. I am constantly compromising and changing my priorities. Still, it remains impossible to accomplish everything at once, especially during the Baltic winter, when even simple tasks can be a significant challenge.”

Tuesday, May 9th 19.30 at the Tartu Literature House cultural club Salong