Argo Vals (Estonia)

Argo Vals is an Estonian composer, guitarist and live electronics artist. His focus has been on playing the guitar, but he is also intrigued by the variety and movement between different and opposite producers of sound. He draws inspiration from real life, tightly connected to the imaginary world. He composes mostly on guitars, keyboards and drum machines alongside real drummers, and plays around with captured loops created and recorded by him. 

Argo Vals has released three full-length solo albums: “In Loving Memory Of” in 2020, “Nokturn” in 2015 and “Tsihcier” in 2012. Two of these have been nominated at the Estonian Music Awards in Alternative/Indie Album of the Year. He is currently working on his first EP.

Argo is and has been a member of several bands playing progressive, modern jazz-influenced, post-rock, indie-rock, acoustic music and mathcore – quite a variety of sounds and approaches. He has composed music for bands Argo Vals Band, Viljandi Guitar Trio, Talamak, and Animal Drama; composed and arranged music for acoustic guitar duo ValsPetti, acoustic guitar quartet ValsPetti + Kartau/Kiivit and for the duo with his brother Aigar Vals; composed for dance performances, documentaries, TV series and theatre.

Foto: Argo Vals
Photo: Rene Jakobson

“Bring Your Own Utopia”: a tour “Walk through the times of you, me and us” with Anne Richter (UNESCO City of Literature Heidelberg, Germany) and Argo Vals