Cloud Circuit – Deanna Radford & Jeremy Young (Canada)

Photo: private collection

Montréal poetrysound ensemble Cloud Circuit finds inspiration in communication glitches, broken speech, and contact lost. Cloud Circuit’s motors are the gray areas of connection, those lost threads, dropped signals, failures of technology, and outages at the edge of night. In performance, Cloud Circuit’s approach is collaborative and improvisational; its sound and words composed, dissected, and refracted. Deanna Radford channels her poetry as deconstructed word events, Jeremy Young plays sine tones in flux and amplified surfaces.

Early on, Cloud Circuit included members Alexandre St-Onge and Philippe Vandal. The group has performed in settings shaped by communities of sound, music, and literature; it has shared the stage with David Grubbs, Ora Clementi, Christopher Tignor, Flying Hórses, skintone, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Vito Ricci, Paul Dutton, Lea Bertucci, Sarah Pagé and Jonah Fortune, Jessica Ackerley, Eliza Kavtion, Michel Meunier, Ylang Ylang, Greg Davis, Khaleefa “Apollo the Child” Hamdan, Rasiqra Revulva, Jessica Pavone, and others.


It is a human invention, a story, a destination, something to strive for that we might

move through and be within. It is a process.

It is the dream of a lifetime. It is a dream. It is a lifetime. It is time.

It is work. It is not work. It is the jackpot. It is the impossible. It is the ordinary. It is the


As a force, it is the hope for something better. For justice. For nirvana. For relief. For

pleasure. For harmony.

It is personal and it is shared.


is we.

~Deanna Radford

Montreal, Montréal, Tiohtià:ke, Mooniyang

March 30, 2023

Saturday, May 5th 19.00 at Paide Music and Theater House

Wednesday, May 10th 21.00 at the Embassy premises on the corner of Rüütli Street and Town Hall Square

Saturday, May 13th 22.30 at the Tartu Literary House Culture Club Salong