Enn Kaup (Estonia)

Photo: Argo Schneider

Enn Kaup (b in 1946) is a polar explorer and ecologist who has been on ten Antarctic expeditions and also spent his time there with tourists. He is also the first man who hoisted the Estonian flag in Antarctica (1988) where he has spent more than a thousand days.

In his book Minu Antarktika (My Antarctica) he describes two expeditions (one in 1970, another in the 1990s) and a visit to Antarctica with tourists a couple of years ago. What are their differences, what links them?

In addition to Minu Antarktika Enn has written three more books about Antarctica: Nabakirjad (Navel Writings), Imekaunis Antarktika (Wonderful Antarctica) and Armulugu Antarktikaga (Love Story with Antarctica). He has also won an annual title of a travelogue writer.

Tuesday, September 21st

17.30 Book launch by Petrone Print – Enn Kaup Minu Antarktika“ at the Apollo bookshop of Tartu kaubamaja