Epp Petrone (Estonia)

Epp Petrone (1974) is best known as a publisher of the autobiographical series “Minu…” and “Meie…”. She has also written in various genres: travelogues (trilogies “Kas süda on ümmargune?” and “Minu Ameerika”), both fiction (“Meestest, lihtsalt”) and journalistic short forms (“Lastekirju” and others). However, Petrone has written the most for children: fairy tale collections (“Võlusõnad” and others), a series based on her own family (“Marta varbad”, “Anna hambad”, etc.), to which recently a new addition has been made in the form of a character named Mamma (“Mamma köök” and others). She has also tried her hand at historical adventure stories for children (“Riks ja neli kuningat”) and memoirs in the form of animal stories (“Hiir püksis”). At this Prima Vista, Petrone presents her fairy tale collection “Kust tulid muinasjutud?” and a science fiction novel “Linnutee koodid”.

Foto: Epp Petrone
Epp Petrone

Joint presentation-discussion of Epp Petrone’s dystopian fairy tale „Linnutee koodid“ (“Codes of the Milky Way”) and Triinu Meres and Kristo Janson’s post-apocalyptic novel “Devolutsioon” (“Devolution”)