Hildegard Reimann (Estonia)

Hildegard Reimann has found herself in a magical loop where her free time is her work, her work is her creative work, creative work is her studies, and her studies are her free time. Professionally an ethnologist, but always engaged in art as well, primarily through drawing—or rather scribbling—and collage. However, studying ethnology has filled her with stories that are not her own, which she digests, twirls around her fingers, blows warm air onto, and tries to mould into artistic form. Lately, she ponders where and who the author is in this case. Art stemming from stories, people, and relationships is anonymous yet collective, procedural, and therefore touching. She tries to instil collaboration and sharing in her endeavours. The project “How to Write Kindness?” is an example of collaborative creation, where life itself is the author: encounters, interactions, and cooperation. Her collaborators in this were the flowers, berries, penguins, cats, tractors, coffee cups, and people of Pahkla Camphill village.

Foto: Hildegard Reimann
Hildegard Reimann

Presentation of the special issue of Värske Rõhk “How to Write Kindness” – community day with readings and soup kitchen