Ignė Zarambaitė (Lithuania)

NB! Since the author has fallen ill, the event will be held by the translator Tiina Kattel who is speaking about Ignė Zarambaitė’s novel “Süngete vete vaimud”, about the translation process and Lithuania Minor region.

Ignė Zarambaitė (b 1988) is a Lithuanian author of books for children and adolescents, and educator. She graduated in business and management from Vilnius University. But she took an unexpected turn in her career and started writing books for younger readers, which led to her becoming a very successful author.

Ignė Zarambaitė has published 13 books, participates in reading promotion campaigns, and organizes traditional and virtual book events for children, youth and adults. She also teaches, paints, and designs interior decorations and dolls.

The author’s first young adult novella, “Juodavandeniai” (2020) (“Süngete vete vaimud”, 2023), involves intrigues, dangerous teenage games, love and hate. This is a thriller about a pretty and smart yet rebellious sixteen-year-old Anna and her friends, the search for the right decisions in difficult situations and solutions to interpersonal problems, the maturation of the personality and the discovery of self. 

“Juodavandeniai” (“The Blackwaters”, “Süngete vete vaimud””):

  • Included in White Ravens List 2020;
  • Best Lithuanian YA Book Of The Year 2020 Award;
  • Laureate of the International Jānis Baltvilkas Award 2023 in Latvia;
  • Nominee of the award Paabeli Torn 2023 in Estonia;
  • II place in the books for the 15+ age group at the National Library of Latvia reading promotion programme “Children, Youth and Parents’ Jury 2023” (the annual Great Reading Festival);
  • Good book for youth (older school age) 2023.

The author’s debut book “Emilio laiškas” (“A Letter from Emil”, “Emili kiri”) was also published in Estonia in 2023.

It is possible to buy author’s book “Süngete vete vaimud” (published by Eesti Raamat).

Photo: Vygaudo Juozaičio
Photo: Vygaudas Juozaitis

Meeting with Lithuanian writer Ignė Zarambaitė