Karin Orgulas (Estonia)

Karin Orgulas is a lawyer living in Tallinn, who wishes to live somewhere else. She grew up in Võrumaa, hence her texts often return there. She thinks a lot about the sense of place, cranes, ways of remembering, getting stuck between the lines, perception, Augusts, and long-gone summers. She enjoys repetitions, strong emotions, free form, and a lack of rules. In her free time from writing, she does everything and nothing – reads books, goes to work, tries to be a better person, goes to the cinema, watches clouds, sleeps poorly, sends postcards, draws, dances herself into nights, buys oranges and forgets to eat them. She also travels by tram.

Foto: Karin Orgulas
Karin Orgulas

Presentation of the special issue of Värske Rõhk “How to Write Kindness” – community day with readings and soup kitchen