Lesley-Ann Brown (Trinidad/USA/Denmark)

Lesley-Ann Brown is a Trinidadian-American prose writer, poet and essayist active in Denmark where she founded the Say It Loud! poetry collective in Copenhagen featuring Black and women of color poets, and the Bandit Queen Press. She has two books published by Repeater Books, „Decolonial Daughter: Letters from a Black Woman to her European Son“ (2018) and „Blackgirl on Mars“ (2023), the latter based on her influential blog. 

In her works, Brown critically observes American and European gender and race stereotypes, imperialist dogmas and also the attitudes related to the poor and the immigrants in seemingly progressive Denmark. As a teacher, she is also critical of the educational system. In her writings, she is charting the ways towards a more caring and also more ecologically minded future society. 

At this year’s festival, Lesley-Ann Brown will be talking to Carolina Pihelgas.

Photo: Lesley-Ann Brown
Photo: Mathias Milton

Grand Futurological Congress: Lesley-Ann Brown (Trinidad-USA-Denmark)