Preiļi Conceptualists (Latvia)

The Preiļi Conceptualists (Preiļu konceptuālisti) is a literary group of Latvian poets founded in 2016, the members are Anna Auziņa, Elvīra Bloma, Raimonds Ķirķis, Aivars Madris, Artis Ostups, Einārs Pelšs, Ivars Šteinbergs, Kārlis Vērdiņš and Arvis Viguls. Along with publishing poetry that is written using conceptual, uncreative, and experimental techniques, as well as theoretical and critical work, the group has participated in exhibitions (2019, 2022), arranged performances (2019, 2022), engaged in mixed-media and interdisciplinary activities, and cultivated a mythology that blurs the boundaries between artistic practice and publicity stunts. 

The Preiļi Conceptualists explore metatextual and paratextual possibilities, questioning the notions of original expression and art as an institution. A Manifesto was written in 2020 and published in 2021. In preparation for the publication of the anthology of Latvian conceptualism in Estonian (2024), translated by Contra, delegates from the group formed a committee of experts who will visit Prima Vista to conduct a formal, independent accreditation of Tartu, Estonia, therefore determining whether the city meets international standards and can responsibly carry out specific tasks associated with the status of a European Capital of Culture. 

The Accreditation of Tartu by the Preiļi Conceptualists” will take place at the The Grand Futurological Congress on the 10th of May starting 18.00 at the University of Tartu Library.

Opening remarks will be given by the Latvian Ambassador to Estonia, Kristīne Našeniece.

During the event, the freshly published poetry anthology „Alfabeedi sünnimaa. Läti kolmanda aastatuhande kontseptuaalse luule esimene valikkogu” will be available for purchase, containing texts by the poets of the group of Preiļi Conceptualists. The editor and translator Contra will be also present.

Event is in English and Latvian with translation into Estonian.

The event will be followed by a vin d’honneur hosted by the Embassy of Latvia.

Photo: Betija Zvejniece
Photo: Betija Zvejniece

Grand Futurological Congress: Preiļi Conceptualists (Preiļu konceptuālisti, Latvia)