Yelena Skulskaya (Estonia)

Photo: private collection

Yelena Skulskaya is a well known author, essayist, poet, and translator, the author of nearly 30 prose books (including a novel titled Marmori luik (A Swan of Marble), memoirs of Sergei Dovlatov, and a collection of essays Armastus vene kirjanduses (Love in Russian Literature), a finalist of the prestigious Russian Booker Prize and the winner of the International Russian Prize, triple winner of the Estonian Cultural Foundation Prize in literature, and the art director of the international festival “Dovlatov’s Days in Tallinn”. 

Yelena Skulskaya was born in Tallinn  and has graduated from the University of Tartu in the field Russian language and literature  She has worked as a teacher at the Tallinn 20th High School  and as a journalist. In  1996 – 2008 she was the teacher of the  theatre studio of the Russian Drama Theatre and is since 2008 the anchorwoman of the Estonian television broadcast Batareya. Her first published work appeared in 1968 in a poetry collection titled Tutvustus (Getting Acquainted). Now Skulskaya is the author of 13 books and one of the most important representatives of the Russian-language literary culture and opinion leaders  in Estonia. Her works have also been published in Latvia, Russia, the U.S.A., Austria, and Israel. She has translated a lot of Estonian poetry into Russian. 

Tuesday, September 21st

18.00 Literary night with Victor Shenderovich (Russia) at the Tubin hall of Eller Music School
The guest will be interviewed by Jelena Skulskaya

Thursday, September 23rd

18.00 Literary night with Jelena Skulskaya in the hall of Tartu City Museum