“Bring Your Own Utopia”: performance “The Forest of Ink and Skin” by David Hartley (UK) and Henri Hütt

Saturday, 11th May
Tartu New Theatre

Folktales foraged from painted bark; stories salvaged from inky roots. Welcome to the Forest of Ink and Skin; a place of ancient futures, and pasts that are yet to come. Stroll between the trees and seek the tales written on flesh. Find the symbols of protection and the creatures of transformation, seek the moth, the wolf, and the fox. Go deeper. Watch your step. Keep moving, and do not stop. The Forest of Ink and Skin will take care of you. The Forest of Ink and Skin will take you. Do not be afraid. A unique storytelling experience from Henri Hütt, David Hartley, and a legion of living, breathing trees. If you go down to the woods today…

The performance is supported by A. Le Coq.
See also: https://kirjandusfestival.tartu.ee/en/events/tartu-2024-events/bring-your-own-utopia/