Anne Richter (Germany)

Anne Richter (1973) is a poet and writer living in the UNESCO City of Literature Heidelberg. She studied modern languages at the universities of Jena, Oxford and Bologna.

Since 2009, Anne has gained recognition for her writing and has been the recipient of various creative writing grants. In 2011 she was nominated for the respected Ingeborg Bachmann Prize. Anne published one short story collection, three novels and a collection of poetry. Her debut novel, Fremde Zeichen (2013, English translation Distant Signs 2019), chronicles the lives of various members of two East German families across three generations. In her second novel, Unvollkommenheit (Imperfection), she widens her narrative beyond German borders, to Romania in the 1990s, a country then still in transition from communism to capitalism. Her third novel, Sendezeit (Airtime), published in March 2024, is about blind teenagers who want to make radio in the early GDR and come up against the limits of freedom of expression. Anne has participated in several poetry and prose events in various European cities, including „Expedition Poetry“ in the UNESCO City of Literature Prague, a translation project by Czech and German poets.

Photo: Anne Richter
Photo: Christian Buck

“Bring Your Own Utopia”: a tour “Walk through the times of you, me and us” with Anne Richter (UNESCO City of Literature Heidelberg, Germany) and Argo Vals