“Bring Your Own Utopia”: a tour “Walk through the times of you, me and us” with Anne Richter (UNESCO City of Literature Heidelberg, Germany) and Argo Vals

Thursday, 9th May
Meeting point: in front of the house of Lai 30

At the end of February 2024, composer Argo Vals and writer Anne Richter met to have a walk together in Tartu districts Supilinn and Tähtvere, where they talked about their observations, experiences and wishes for the future. It was focused on their personal experiences about living in or visiting Tartu, living in the Baltics, Germany and Europe in a broader picture. This meeting was the beginning of their artistic collaboration. Now the two artists invite you to take a walk during which you can experience the results of this project. The colours of nature, houses, human characteristics and influences are captured in text and colours of sound. Present, past and future become poetic and musically interwoven. The performance will be held in German; Estonian and English translations available as booklets and also online.
Duration: ~120 minutes
See also: https://kirjandusfestival.tartu.ee/en/events/tartu-2024-events/bring-your-own-utopia/