Tantsulavastus „Ma jään kaevu / juurde igavesti jooma“

Teisipäeval, 7. mail kl 19.00 Tartu Uues Teatris

Tartu Uus Teater esitleb: „Ma jään kaevu / juurde igavesti jooma“
Tantsulavastus Ene Mihkelsoni luulest. Tutvustus ja piletiinfo: https://www.uusteater.ee/lavastused/maret-joosep-ene

The dance performance ““I Will Stay at the Well / Drinking Forever” is based on Mihkelson’s poetry collections from 1978-2010 and aims to spatially recreate the lyrical tone of the poems, where the experience of the sole reader becomes more important than the story.

“If I bump against the air, then finally I can pass through it” writes Mihkelson herself. This is the poetry of inevitability, the expression of which is also inevitable.
We express endless movement, discontinuity and the search for continuity, dead ends and memory traces that merge into each other.

We give up words to experience poetry.